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Settling a claim can be overwhelming. Here are 50 reasons why it doesn't have to be when you sign with Metro.

  1. Our Adjusters are Fire and Water Certified with the IICRC

  2. We Complete Haag Roof Inspections

  3. Mortgage Company Follow-through

  4. Coordinate Emergency Service Needs

  5. Control Mitigation Efforts

  6. Evaluate Policy and Coverages Up Front for Free

  7. Identify Claims (Existing)

  8. Educate the Insured

  9. The Business Opportunity

  10. Unit Price Estimates, & Laser Calculations (Industry Standard)

  11. Provide Representation for Small Losses as well as Large Losses

  12. Metro Monitors the Industry for Future Protection Insured’s Rights

  13. Determine Causation of Losses

  14. Vale Certified Adjusters

  15. Prepare RCV & ACV Calculations

  16. Provide a (no claim) Opinion and Assistance

  17. Advise When Not to File a Claim

  18. Help Recover a Claim Before Statute Expiration

  19. Fill Out and File All Paperwork and Provide Legal Forms (Document)

  20. Meet with Contractors on All Appointments Including Engineers and Industry Experts

  21. Photographic Documentation on All Losses

  22. Calculate All Coverages ALI-Additional Living Expenses, BI – Business Interruption, Contents, BPP, etc.

  23. Present a Positive Claim View

  24. Completely Memorialize the Loss

  25. Professional Policy Language for Presentation of the Loss

  26. Large Internal Support Structure for Added Expertise

  27. Protect the Insured from Unnecessary Denials

  28. Provide a Claimant Perspective for All Coverages

  29. Eliminate the Emotional Handling of a Claim

  30. Metro Provides Access to Professionals with Established Insurance Industry Relationships

  31. Explain and Present Additional Coverages in Policy

  32. Independent View of the Settlement for a Non-Biased Opinion

  33. Provide a Documented Witness to the Entire Claim Process

  34. Follow-through with All Legal Settlement Alternatives

  35. Proper Material Identification

  36. Evaluate and Represent Post Restored Items and Building Components

  37. Allow Clients to Continue with Their Life

  38. Ultimately get you what your policy allows for, More Money

  39. Protect Your Clients from Industry Tricks and Traps

  40. Provide Post Loss Expertise

  41. Contractors

  42. Agents

  43. Technical Coordination

  44. Hygienists

  45. Identify Possible Future Claimable’ s

  46. Electronics

  47. Smoke Corrosion

  48. Future Failures

  49. Inventory and Help

  50. Recreate Total Losses

  51. Provide Access to Satellite Views of Commercial Properties if Necessary

  52. Metro Finds and Presents All the Claim

  53. Metro has a State of the Art Claims Management System and Web Based Communication with their representatives

  54. We have one of the largest insurance industry contact databases in the industry

  55. We offer advice and recommendations for future coverages and endorsements

  56. Metro provides a One Call Solution

  57. Personal, Professional Representation Just When You need it

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